Reparing the World, Gredoo

Gredoo strives to create products that improve
our world and humanity. We focus on resolving social issues
that need more attention, such as disease, poverty, and people
with disabilities, through our business.
Our first product, Doobit, which focuses on prevention of infectious
disease is about to make its debut.

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Address Michuhol Tower Annex A, 12, unit 511
Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, 21999, Korea
By gredoo
Design partner BDCI
Actualization partner Thinksmaker

Anytime, Anywhere

Doobit focuses on the most fundamental and established habit for disease prevention.
With Doobit, hand sanitizing becomes convenient and instant whether you are meeting
someone indoors or outdoors, whether you are at work or on a trip to an exotic location.

Close to Hands

Our hands are the part of our body that makes contacts most frequently with various objects.
Because Doobit is worn on the wrists, close to the hands, right where most germs are, hand
sanitizing can be done quickly, in an instant action. Do make a habit of sanitizing hands with Doobit, now.

A Cool Way to Stay Hygienic

The basis of healthy life is hygiene. The majority of illnesses caused by bacterial infection,
can be prevented by a good habit of washing hands. Doobit is a wearable device designed to help
maintain a hand hygiene habit, anytime, anywhere.


Prepared for Your Style

The main body of Doobit is detachable from the wristband so you have
more freedom for your style. Depending on the occasion, attire and
mood, choose the wristband that is just right.

How to
Use Doobit

A New Sanitizer Application

The piezoelectric atomizer installed on Doobit is the magic behind its
micro-particle sanitizer blast, which allows for the sanitizing of both
hands with a minimal amount of sanitizer. It will shoot out approxi-
mately 0.15 ml of sanitizer with every single use, which is an
adequate amount that is needed for sanitizing both hands.

Replaceable Sanitizer Capsule

The replaceable sanitizer capsule is 6 ml in volume and it can be used
approximately 48 times, which is usually enough for three days of san-
itizing. The fiber stick inside the capsule will constantly inject sanitizer
solution inside the capsule to the piezoelectric atomizer. The type of
sanitizer can be selected according to your preference.

Communicate with Your Device

The smartphone app is provided along with the device will synchronize via
Bluetooth signal. Using this app, you can constantly monitor and adjust
your sanitization routine, reminding timer, as well as the residue of installed
capsule and the battery. Furthermore, you can change the settings according
to the type of capsule and different vibration patterns can be selected.


Connect with Doobit and adjust the alarm interval and more.


Body Dimensions
ø 41.5mm x H 17mm
Weight (Body / Wristband)
19g / 11g
Resonant frequency
113 ± 5KHZ
Resonant impedance
≤ 150 Ω
Static capacitance
3500 ± 20%pf
Capsule 6ml polyethylene container with fiber stick

Sanitizer Solution
60% Ethanol, 40% Purified Water (Regular)
System Requirements
iPhone 5 or higher running iOS 9 or above
a smartphone running Android 4.0 or higher
Bluetooth 4.0
65mAh / 3.7V
Micro 5pin for charging

* Specifications is subject to change